These wild elves, and the nearby wood elves of Mithra Forest, are the only non-evil isolated elves that remain near Dreadmire. Their new home is nestled in the quieter southwestern end of Dreadmire in Brokentree, just outside the swamp.

This tribe of elves dresses in simple clothing of giant toad skins and woven reeds adorned with feathers and claws. Their skin is smeared with dark clay and mud, both as decoration and camouflage. Necklaces of arrowheads adorn the necks of the males, while females tend to wear feathery affectations. Their black hair and tanned skin are additional camouflages for the shadowy habitat of the forests and swamps in their region.

These particular wild elves are overtly friendly only to the heath rangers and none other, distrusting even the Quag Druids as of late. They know of their corrupted brethren, the Evile Cannibals, and kill them when possible. They are also aware that something purely evil rests at the heart of the center swamp, for they have been there and seen it. They call it the "Runach", an elven word for "wicked thing", and they give the area a wide berth. They have shared this knowledge with the heath rangers, although it is a bit beyond their ability to deal with at the moment.

These elves brew a delicious pine resin wine. Its taste and appearance is similar to that of white grape wine. They also brew delectable honey mead.

Brokentree (village): Conventional; AL CG; 2,000 gp limit; Population 619; Demographic isolated (Wild Elves 100%). Brokentree is located within the lush forests of the Losthome Hills on Big Frog Lake.

Authority Figure: Tioga Greentinge, male Wild Elf Brb6/Drd7; AL CG; Survival 16; Leadership, Track, Weapon Focus (longbow); Animal companion dire black bear (Large animal, HD 12d8+48, Spd 40 ft., AC 17).

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