The treant races have little interest in anything that does not directly concern them or their immediate area. In times of dire threat, representatives of each race may send an emissary to a Treant Council. The last such council was held after the coming of the first Druin, and another may soon be needed to address the influences of the Dark Pollen. Before its influence, all treants of the swamp were of true neutral alignment. Refer to Real World Foliage of Dreadmire for details on some tree types.

The smaller treant races are often the first to react to such threats and relay information to Quag Druids (or [Heath Ranger|Heath Rangers]] if desperate). Such contacts are rare, however. Both good and evil treants are still treants, and all prefer not to interact with non-fey and non-plant races if they can help it.

By far the most populous race of treants in the swamp is the bald cypress. There are also substantial factions of the magnolias, oaks, sweetgum, water tupelo, and willow treants. Isolated factions of black walnut, mangrove, pawpaw, poison sumac, sassafras, and palmetto are represented in pockets throughout the swamp.

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