A Quag Creature lives beneath floating marshes, quaking bogs, and in swamps and marshes, hunting unsuspecting animals and humanoids. It is muddy gray in color, and has fernlike gill tufts around its neck and head, making it look somewhat like a mudpuppy salamander. On the backs of these creatures are similar tufts, a crude camouflage that resemble clumps of floating algae or moss. It is otherwise a monstrous looking beast, having four suction-cupped, froglike feet on stubby legs jutting from a squat body, and possessing eyes that can peer underwater and on the surface at the same time. They possess a short swimming tail that resembles the tail of a salamander. It can climb sheer surfaces, sometimes dropping onto prey from strong tree limbs above.

Quag Creature

Quag Creature floating underwater

Quag Creatures lie in wait for victims while partially submerged. Quaking bogs are their primary habitat where they leap from below the foliage carpet to snatch prey. In swamps and marshes, the creatures hide below the water surface and leap onto the shoreline to surprise attack. In either case, a Quag Creature attempts to steam its prey to death.

Quag Creatures are notoriously difficult to kill with weapons due to their bony, armored skeleton. Some sub-species can withdraw inside these skeletal shells, like turtles, to become fully protected. Exposed appendages have a +3 natural to AC, instead of +17.

Amphibious (Ex): Although Quag Creatures breathe using gills, they can survive out of water indefinitely, provided they have access to moisture. Without moisture they can survive 1 hour per Constitution point. Quag Creatures are osmoconformers, breathing only freshwater, and never saltwater. They can breathe brackish water for short periods of time (½ hour per Constitution point).

Waterbug Eyes (Ex): Quag Creatures have waterbug eyes, giving them a four-eyed appearance. This eye division allows them to see above and below the water surface at the same time. Waterbug eyes decrease the likelihood of surprise and increases initiative (+4) for a Quag Creature.

Steam Burst (Ex): This requires a successful touch attack. Burning hot steam can be vented from a valve on each of the creature’s feet, causing 1d4 points of damage for each one that hits. The steam burst stuns (DMG Condition Summary) the victim for 1 round, unless a successful Reflex save (DC 13) is made.

Mucus Excretion (Ex): Three times per day a Quag Creature can excrete Mucus for 1d4+2 rounds. The mucus makes it nearly impossible to grapple or snare. Grapple attacks against Quag Creatures receive a -20 penalty. Ropes, nets and webs do not often work against them, unless magical.

The Mucus also acts to reduce turbulence and increase the laminar flow of water over and past the body, allowing a huge increase in the Quag Creature’s water speed. This triples its normal swim rate during the excretion period, a handy way to escape a losing battle.

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