The pastoral Mountain Nomads permeating the Agnathan Mountain range are wandering cliff dwellers that herd their wild goats across the crags and peaks of the mountains that stretch many hundreds of miles in both directions, northwest to southeast. These dwellers of the crags are fond of saying, "The Mountain is never wrong", and that is how they live their life.

During the winter months they seek shelter in the shadow of Mount Upshur; in summer near the pinnacle of Spindletop, and at other times the low vale of Lobdell. The Mountain Nomads are friendly to the mountain dwarves of Picksville, as well as with the rock gnomes at Churlie’s Bunion (under a cliff formed of a rounded, white rock).

While eking out an existence in the mountainous region, one kindred of goat herders has become quite adept at a primitive form of flight. The thermals that rise off the western steppes and eastern valley floor soar in stiff breezes up the face of the mountains. Though these winds are unpredictable and treacherous, intrepid mountain folk ride the thermals, having mastered the flight of primitive gliders for religious rituals (although they are occasionally used for the dangerous activities of reconnaissance and raiding). These ingenious folk are known as Cloudseekers.

The Mountain Nomads believe their apical ancestors are the mountain lions Mobotuja and Kinokilusa. These totem ancestors are depicted as anthorpomorphic lion-beings in their artwork and on their wickiup dwellings.