Mojeaux is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature. The creature, referred to hereafter as the "base creature", changes its type to “undead (base creature)” and changes its race to "“Mojeaux [base creature]". It otherwise uses the entire base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below.

A Mojeaux made from a sentient creature retains a great deal of its original knowledge, although memories of the former life are hazy and distorted as long as its creator lives. Therefore, a Mojeaux is not wholly dependant on its master’s instructions and can carry out complex tasks or a lengthy series of instructions that involve intuitive reasoning.

If the creator of a Mojeaux is destroyed, all of its controlled Mojix (plural) become free-willed and can function indefinitely, under their original base creature alignment. A Mojeaux cannot cast spells, including any spell-like powers it had in life.

Creating this type of undead requires use of a create undead spell, following the same rules involving zombie animation (refer to the animate dead spell, PHB), with a reasonably intact corpse. For each 2 HD of the base creature, its creation difficulty increases as indicated:

Base Creature Cleric Level

Hit Dice Required
1-2 11 or lower
3-4 12
5-6 13
7-8 14
9-10 15
11-12 16
13-14 17
15-16 18
17-18 19
19+ 20+

Hit Dice: Change to d12 or leave as base creature, whichever is greater.

Speed: Fly and swim speeds remain the same, but are reduced one step in maneuverability, unless already rated "clumsy". Reduce all other speeds -10 ft., but no lower than 10 ft.

Armor Class: Add +2 to natural armor.

Special Attacks: Retains all the special attacks of the base creature, including fluid based attacks and innate supernatural abilities. Arcane and divine spells cannot be cast. Spell-like abilities no longer function. Psionics still function.

Special Qualities: A Mojeaux retains all special qualities of the base creature, unless it requires the Mojeaux to be alive to function, or involves an affinity for living things. If the base creature could vocalize or speak while alive, then it can still do so as a Mojeaux. Add darkvision 120 ft., undead traits, +4 turn resistance, and damage reduction 5/bludgeoning.

Saves: Increase Will save bonus by +1. Fortitude & Reflex save bonuses are reduced by 50% of the base creature’s, rounding down.

Abilities: Undead possess no Constitution score. Reduce Charisma by 50% or 5 points, whichever is greater (no lower than 1). All other scores remain.

Skills: Drop skills based on Constitution or Charisma, all others are retained. New skills cannot be gained.

Feats: Drop feats based on Constitution or Charisma, all others are retained. New feats cannot be gained.

Environment: Any

Challenge Rating: Same as base creature.

Alignment: Same alignment as the creature that creates it [free-willed Mojix revert to alignment of base creature].

Advancement: As character class .