Modan is the god of earth, travel, and trickery. His sphere of influence includes hills, earth, mountains, and the creatures that live there. Modan often appears as a hill giant in golden plate mail armor, accompanied by 1d4 elder earth elementals. Worshippers may be any alignment.

Those that follow the earth god Modan have been dwindling for centuries. The deity is trapped in a prison plane of mud in the form of a tarrasque. The only way he can be freed is for a cleric of Modan to venture into the heart of the earth, enter the prison plane, and awaken Modan. Occasionally Modan stirs in his restless sleep, and this causes a periodic volcanic eruption.

The last organized church of Modan lies on the western side of the Mount Modan Volcano (the mountain just above Magma Marsh) in a lava tunnel that formed when the mountain first erupted. Modan is only able to grant spells up to 3rd level while he is captive.

Holy Symbol: A mountain crossed by two hammers.

Favored Weapon: Throwing club.

Authority Figure: Isha Lowland, male human, Clr5; AL N.

Honored Prayer of Modan: "Hear us, though thee cannot respond in words. May loyal followers be granted the power and knowledge to release thee. Water to mud, life from the earth."