Fungus Replicant is a template that can be added to any creature, except elementals, undead and outsiders. The creature, referred to hereafter as the base creature, changes its type to “plant (fungus)” and changes it name to “Fungus-[base creature].” It otherwise uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Replicants of animals behave exactly like their duplicates. This means fungi-squirrels are relatively harmless, whereas a fungus-tiger may attack. Fungus replicants cannot eat meat. They subsist on moisture, rotting substances, and behave as any other fungi, just a lot more mobile. If a fungus-bear kills a deer, it is just a residual memory imprint from the base creature, not because it is hungry.

Physically a fungus duplicate is neither male nor female, although it may appear so on the surface. If the replicant is killed, a Replicant Jellyroll mushroom sprouts in 3 days from that location, maturing in 2d4 days.

AC: Add +2 natural.

Special Attacks: All "extraordinary" special attacks are retained, all others are dropped.

Special Qualities: All "extraordinary" special qualities are retained, all others are dropped. Add the following: Immunity to piercing weapons, plant traits, and Bioluminescence (Ex): Fungus Replicants give off low levels of greenish light, only visible in complete darkness after allowing eyes to adjust.

Abilities: A +2 to Constitution, all others remain the same.

Saves: Increase Fortitude save +2.

Alignment: A replicant of Int 3 or higher is always the same alignment as the jellyroll that created it. A replicant of Intelligence 2 or lower is neutral.

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