The Derangers are a loose association of evil rangers that skulk Dreadmire, reveling in nature’s thoughtless cruelty and emulating fearsome predators. This malevolent group consists of former Heath Rangers that have been driven to depravity by the Dark Pollen. They now collect at Sagud, a tiny shacktown hidden by dense foliage.

Derangers posses an ability that the average evil ranger does not possess: biomimetic exvisibility — a gift of the corruption. An exposed Deranger using biomimetic exvisibility appears as pure, black nothingness in an outline of its body, as "exvisibility" absorbs light completely (see below).

Mechanically, Derangers are otherwise normal rangers in all respects, although in their madness each has selected its own race as its favored enemy. Derangers often choose the Hidewalker to add to their ranger class.

Authority Figure: Fasaris Hightower; male half-elf Rgr7/Hdw5; AL LE; Survival 12; Track, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (light crossbow); Favored Enemies of elves, Giant Eagles.

Biomimetic Exvisibility (Ex): Biomimetic exvisibility mechanically works the same as biomimetic invisibility, except that these microscopic scales completely absorb all light. Since biomimetic exvisibility is neither magical nor mind-affecting, only true seeing magic, Snake Vision and echolocation can see a creature so hidden.

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